Trailing: A Memoir

Kristin’s first book, Trailing: A Memoir, chronicles her experience becoming a “trailing spouse” and following her Médecins Sans Frontières husband to the frontlines of disaster and disease in East Africa. Critics say that “Few books offer so revealing a glimpse into the life of an American wife in Africa, where staying alive mentally and intellectually can be just as important as physical survival,” and that “Trailing speaks not just of adapting to alternative cultures, but about the responsibility we need to take for our own lives, even if the parameters are set by other people. A perfect novel for ex-pats, or for any woman who is seeking a sense of purpose.”

Trailing was a runner up in the Indie Reader Discovery Awards. The book was selected as one of the Best Indie Reads of 2013, who’s review board described it as “Nothing short of a beautiful piece of literature…A wonderfully realized memoir about a woman’s struggle to obtain a stronger sense of self, save her marriage and her family, but more than anything, to save herself. ..Raw, poetic and stunningly paced. This book is a must read.” Indie Reader Review

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