The therapeutic relationship is a joint effort between client and practitioner to explore the problems and concerns that the client wishes to resolve. Kristin draws from her training in cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused and psychodynamic therapy to understand and respond to client’s diverse needs. Her approach is highly interactive, relational and dialogue-oriented. Although every client-therapist relationship is unique, for clients who are new to therapy work, she outlines a seven-step process to illustrate how the work often evolves:

1.) Expressing and exploring your feelings around the issue(s) that have led you to therapy

2.) Understanding those issues in the context of the larger portrait of your life—past, present and future

3.) Navigating your present situation by exploring your questions and options

4.) Identifying problematic patterns and their origins

5.) Finding alternative strategies and approaches

6.) Setting realistic goals and clarifying a direction for the future

7.) Examining progress

Kristin has twenty years of clinical experience with individuals, families, and couples in the United States, Kenya, Uganda, France, and Switzerland, and has worked successfully with a range of issues, including depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, eating disorders, substance abuse and relational problems.

Kristin is available to meet in-person in her comfortable home-office in Geneva, or by phone or skype for clients who are too far away to come for regular face-to-face meetings. A benefit of telephone/skype sessions is the ability to maintain continuity around busy work and travel schedules. Kristin holds ongoing sessions with people who live and/or travel regularly to West Africa, North America, and South East Asia.

If you’d like more information about meeting in-person or by phone/skype, please contact Kristin with this form.


Image caption: Kristin is a graduate of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy Training under Ellyn Bader Ph.D. at The Couples Institute.